I Woke Up

While I am mouthing golden words to Taylor Swift’s song, golden tears came down my face, while my pink smile keeps flashing, while my purple wings keep spreading, I came alive.

I am no longer feeling hidden behind dark shadows, instead I face red terrors hidden deep inside of me, inside of me came out showing my monsters are no longer in me, I am awake, I am a purple butterfly flying from branch to branch showing my vibrant colors to a girl kicking the soccer ball.

I begin to show my colors to people walking along the street, I keep showing my colors to each step I take, each step I take has an impact, each step I take has a wing attached to it, I spread my wings, and I feel free, I feel like I had made it to Israel, no longer had to go back to Egypt, no longer am I stuck as a slave.

No longer am I forced to be locked in black chains walking through yellow dessert sand, no longer do I have to stand waiting for a sign from a purple butterfly flying by, instead my lion heart is racing, racing to a place where blue waves keep flowing, where I can run as fast as a cheetah, dancing my red beating heart, believing that each step I take, I am free.

I am free, I am alive and no longer feeling like a monster, instead I woke up, I became the person I imagine, the person who is a fearless butterfly flying from branch to branch, seeing a blue and white flag reaching my blue and white home, reaching the point where I am me.