For Years and years, high senior officials have been raping and sexually harassing white and black women. They did it because they wanted to feel empowered and get away with it. For a while they did. But now, women like Rose McGown, have come forward to explain what happened to her and why Harvey Weinstein needs to be sent to jail. (Time, 2018) She has changed the way men view women and she has changed the public administration system. In Morgan Jenkins’ book: This Will Be My Undoing (2018), she explains how white women are seen as idols of society. But, Morgan also explains, instead of trying to be white, she needs to be a proud black woman.

In Morgan Jenkins book, This Will Be My Undoing she explains how black women are portrayed in society. She explains how black women always want to be white but instead she found out that wanting to be white, she was destroying her power. She was destroying her feminism. Instead, she tells the world that we must embrace our black feminist

Jerkins says in her book (2018):

“For as long as white women have been appropriating our bodies, we have been insulted and inflicted. And Frankly, I am tired of being in such an abusive relationship that I never agreed to in the first place. There was never any honeymoon period. There is no need to consider those who take without giving, speaking without listening, and use feminism as a way to unify without analyzing black women’s differences and their complications.”

She is saying that she is tired of feeling inferior. Instead, she wants to stand up and be apart of the #MeToo and “Woke Generation.”

Now What Is the MeToo Movement and why do I, many other women, and Morgan Jenkins feel empowered to stand up? Women finally feel empowered to stand up and wake up to tell the next generation that we will not stand for this anymore. We will not let high senior officials sexually harasses us everyday in the workplace and get away from it. We want them fired and more importantly we want them held accountable. This movement has inspired millions to come forward and say, “I was sexually assaulted, and I am no longer afraid to come forward. I am no longer afraid instead I am going to report it.” ( The Telegraph, 2018)

Many women came forward and explained what happened to them with Harvey Weinstein. Rose McGown was the first one to come forward and explain that the rape that happened was nonconsensual sex. It was an act of rape. Ever since she came forward, many others have followed in her path. Many others have joined the movement, myself included, to stand up and wake up knowing we are powerful. I have authority to change the system. She had the authority to change the system and arrest a powerful man who abused many, many women. She has the authority to keep asserting that this is not okay and that we need to embrace who we are. We need to no longer be ashamed of what happened to us. We need to stand up for what is not right. We need to no longer let men have the authority over us. Instead, we need to have authority. I realized that now I have authority. (Rose McGown,2017, Time)

The fight for women to be no longer harassed doesn’t just come from celebrities. It comes from people who speak up everyday and act on the injustice that has come against them. Now, what am I going to do about it?

I am a fighter. I am a fighter who uses her words to inspires herself to conquer her fears, to face the facts, and to advocate for the change that needs to happen in the United States and around the world. I am a writer who found that her voice needs to be shown and no longer hidden behind the shadows. I am a writer who will tell you how my voice is a part of The “Woke generation” and the #Me too movement.

Tonight I woke up. I woke up inside a Taylor swift concert. I woke up realizing I am not ashamed to be a white female living in red, white, and blue United States anymore. I am no longer afraid to be myself. I am no longer afraid to express my opinion, to show the world that females are just powerful as men.

The #MeToo Movement and the “Woke Generation” has given the current public administration the chance for women to find their voice in the government. It has given them the chance to put away famous movie stars for sexually abusing women and people of color. This is the era of new wake up call where the government needs to put a stop to women getting sexually harassed in the workplace, and in their everyday lives. Today we say enough..

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