Blue rain drizzles against the silver moon while my gold tears come down my brown eyes, I look up at the moon believing my pink heart is no longer in love with you.

Even as I miss your pink smile and your dark brown eyes, I find you are no longer my twinkle in the rush, I no longer desire you coming back to find me crying golden tears.

I face red beating lion telling me to run, to find my new cherry blossom that makes me fly from place to place, traveling my own blue and green globe knowing I have to let you go, let you spread your wings, to find your own twinkle in the rush, I am not it.

I will never be it, even if my pink red heart is beating, crying golden tears on top of a blue silver moonlight night, I know I am not the one who will make you smile all night long, I know I am not the one who can make your heart beat fast, I walk away knowing our love was true as dust flying away on a rainy day.