Dark storms ranging on above me, as I walk along a black curvy dotted path, I keep rushing through winding roads, not seeing blue light pacing right in front of me, not seeing my pink butterfly fly by, only showing my golden tears.

Only showing the raging stabbing pain seeping through my black blood vessels, believing that someday blue rain will pour against this sharp stabbing pain to find a place where only roses envelope the room, where no more stabbing sharp pain comes shooting through my yellow tingling brain cells, where I no longer feel pain every time I lie down.

Only wishing that I find my own gold light, firing from deep within my pink heart, from deep within rekindling my red flames, showing the world that I cannot let this black ranging stabbing pain defeat me, I find blue light in the midst of black storm, believing I can fight this till the bitter end, believing that I can see my own gold light instead of cloudy rain storms.

Finding my golden light, in the midst of red beating laughs coming from my pink mouth, coming from golden tears crying to find I saw the light, I saw the light that rushes through my black veins, creating blue electrical energy flowing with gold guitars strumming gold music notes.