Rise from black, red ashes falling from the sky, rise in the mist of red, ranging flames enveloping our face, rise from blue ashes , rise to form gold sparks, rushing to gush blue white water out to flames, out to clicking time bomb, seeing no end, rise to find a white dove flying by.

Rise from little girls kicking a soccer ball, rise to find a pink, red, sun shining above us, rise to find a vibrant rainbow enveloping above us, rise to find a pink sun shining along the blue waves flowing, shining along the swarm of people raising their hands, raising their hands high, to find their own gold light.

Find their own form of pink peace sign, enveloping black and white faces, enveloping a broken red, white, and blue flag, trying to form pieces back in the puzzle, trying to find white unity in the mist of black hatred, rise, search for the white dove flying by showing us our true gold.

Find true gold enveloping our black red ranging skies, find white doves swarming by, till we start believing that black guns, black sword are not the way to go, instead, we have to create a big pink peace sign inside our gold hearts to show that we will rise, rise.