I am different person in Israel than I am in America. From the way I talk to people to the way I act, I am a completely different person. I feel more like myself in Israel. As I step on to the holy stones of the land, I feel a rush of wind going through my fingertips. I feel an electric blue soul rushing inside my own voice telling me to show my true colors. I feel a stream of blue energy telling me to go to just spread my wings. The blue electric water cleanses my soul of negative thoughts about me to know that I become a different person as I exit the water. Now I become the person I want to be. The person I see is me. Not a student trapped inside a black textbook instead I am a student learning blue Hebrew letters telling me to run like the wind. Telling me to learn all I can about the choices I make and the person I want to become. Even as I come back to America, I still hold a part of myself in Israel. I still hold part of myself wanting to live in Israel forever. I am a new mystical Maddy who turns black stars into gold music notes showing my blue and white colors. I show a version of my blue and white soul telling me to show my true colors.