One week I took a trip to New Haven, CT. It was a long and windy train ride through the skyscrapers of New York to the liberty bell of Philadelphia finally getting to New Haven, CT. My hands were shaking, and I had a migraine the whole car ride because I was nervous about what I was going to do there. I was going there to report how I have been sexually assaulted two years ago in West Haven, CT. His name was Ben and he was a complete stranger to me. He took me to a hotel room after we got a drink. He put my hand on his penis and called me a “notty girl.” We got into a hotel room and I started undressing myself and he undressed himself. I tried to give him a bowl job but he yelled at me telling me I was doing it wrong. Then, he pushed me on the top of the bed and tried to put his penis inside of my vagina. I pushed my legs together and he stopped. I started to cry.

This is the story, but I never had the courage to report my sexual assault story till now. I never had the courage to stand up and say that I do not want him to do what he did to me to another girl. Now how did I report it? I went to the West Haven Police Department station with an advocate. I reported it to a woman who had a badge, a gun, and police officer belt. She seemed like a queen to me and I was literally afraid. I took a deep breath and started telling my story. I told them exactly what happened start to finish while they asked detail questions of whether or not there was sexual intercourse. I said, “There was not.” I also gave a detail written statement to why I believe this was sexual assault. It felt liberating just to give my story. The report probably won’t go any further because there was no sexual intercourse.

In the end, I am glad that I report the sexual assault experience to the police. I am glad that I stood up and had the courage to tell my story so that it may not happen to another girl. I am starting to feel liberated and opening my eyes up to a whole new stage of my sexual well-being.