Why do I want to make aliyah is the question I get asked by my parents, by my siblings, why would I want to live any other place than america?

Its a great question. Israel is a unique place where I found my jewish heritage, where i found myself, where I am truly me.

There is something in the mystical blue angelic water, something in the gold air capturing my gold hands as I touch it along the gold stones, I keep capturing gold believing that this is the place for me.

Believing that Israel is the place that is my blue and white home, that is my home where I can cry gold tears one minute and have a pink smile the next minute, its where I am me.

Its where I find myself trying to live my life, trying to live my life in touching gold stones, touching gold stones as I walk seeing a girl kick a soccer ball believing in the gold in my eyes is because I am home in Israel.