Stop running away from black storms, stop hiding inside black holes, stop hiding behind black thunderstorms, instead run through black thunderstorms towards gold light, towards green jungles filled with loud lions roaring echoing through gold tunnels, echoing through green mountains.

Stop riding through blue waves, ride inside blue waves gliding over them, till I find gold light shining before a yellow pink red sun rising right before my eyes, I keep looking up at the sun hoping someday I can reach the top of it.

Hoping someday I can climb black mountains towards blue light, no longer running from black mountains, instead I climb over them with my brave lion roaring loudly echoing through gold tunnels, echoing through gold light running inside blue waves while I keep surfing smiling I can be brave.

I can be brave by gliding on top of blue waves, by conquering black mountains, no longer hiding inside black tunnels instead I run, I climb across green mountain reaching for my yellow, pink, red sun shining before my eyes.