I am listening to gold beats dancing inside of my pink heart, dancing inside my gold light, believing that each step I take, each branch I jump through lush green forest as a pink butterfly flies by, as a pink butterfly keeps flying, I keep flying as I cross off the days I get to go to Israel to live my life.

I am listening to my black mind, no longer finding gold light hoping someday this gold light will come back to me, I am listening to me knowing someday I will find my pink heart beating faster as I keep running, racing through green lush forest hearing my gold lion roar, believing I am strong.

Believing I have a strong red flame that never goes out, believing that I no longer see myself falling, just seeing myself flying on top of green lush mountains, climbing over black mountains reaching the top of the yellow pink sun shining before my eyes.

Shining before my eyes is a yellow sun, reaching for it, as I race on top of gold stones next to a blue bridge, next to a girl with black hair named Hadar, laughing beside of me, telling gold stories, as I cross the path finding my blue light inside of me, each step I take.

Stepping inside of gold stones, I keep racing finding blue light in the mist of black thunderstorms, believing that someday I will find my way back to the yellow dessert sun, where a blue bridge shows gold light as a silver moon shines inside my eyes.