My green cells slowly dissipate my black cloudy mind tells me to step back while my pink beating heart tells me to keep going to keep believing in my ray of pink sun shining before my eyes knowing that each step I take, each branch I climb I am finding my way.

I am finding my way through black thunderstorm towards gold lighting as I push through believing in my strong gold light, I keep fighting my black stormy mind believing I must make it back to the gold stones to live inside the desert yellow sun, smiling laughing with my friends, knowing that as each step I take I am closer to finding my gold light that keeps burning, that keeps flying as I touch each blue wave, trying not to rush while I try to cherish each precious gold gemstones knowing that even my black stormy mind telling me that I will get back to those precious gold gemstones.

Believing that each step I take, I am finding a way to love my pink beating heart to every person I walk by with a pink smiling showing my golden light with each step I take.