Slowly but surely my hair color begins to change, my hands become more white no longer do I feel as a ghost, no longer I am hiding who I am, I am showing my red pink sunshine rising above blue clouds as I keep running past green trees my sun keep shining.

I keep shining my blue light past black thunderstorms, I keep coming out, I pray gold Hebrew words, my red lips keep mouthing golden Hebrew words, no longer afraid to show I am becoming me.

I am becoming a colorful me, wearing a long purple dress, showing my long brown hair my smile shines brightly no longer feeling red sharp shooting pain inside my black shattered heart, I feel pink red beating heart while I make this change, I am beginning to feel more pure.

I am no longer feeling white ghost, I feel pure, I feel like the rebellious me is changing running green lush forest, running fast cheetah, dancing like there is no tomorrow, I touch gold stones, real me is coming alive.

I am coming alive showing I am loving my red beating heart, my hair begins to change colors I run inside gold tunnels, believing I have come out of black darkness falling in love with gold stones people singing around me magical Hebrew words, gold light coming in showing me its Shabbos.

Its Shabbos where the streets turn quiet, no longer any cars, I walk along gold stones,  hearing girls sing magical gold Hebrew words proudly, pink red sun shines goes down, I keep believing I am becoming me.