His hands touch mine while my pink smile begins to come on, taking tons of time knowing this is the first time he has touched my hand after we already been married, no one knows the magic gold feeling of his hand touching mine.

His lips kissing my pink lips, the glorious beating of my pink heart, while he keeps kissing my lips never wanting to stop, as this feeling becomes like little miracles racing inside his heart, little butterflies start fluttering inside my heart hoping he will keep holding my hand.

Hoping that he will keep exploring as we begin to unwind stop and look into each other eyes waiting for centuries it seems like for this moment to happen, for the moment where his hand touches mine believing this is forever, there is no turning back, no wish a was, only his gold fingertips touching my gold fingertips.

A love that is magical, pure, brightly silver as silver as moon shining inside his eyes, believing as he looks into my eyes that his hand will never let go of mine.

Believing as he looks into my brown eyes, that he can’t stop staring at the beautiful me, believing he has found the one who will hold him while he cries who will have long date nights that will last for hours where are children will want this kind of love that we have.