Step right in towards Shabbos, meals filled with yellow red sun rising, warm smiles all around me, warm hugs, new friends everywhere I turn, I turn toward a Jewish Rabbi welcoming me into their home, welcoming me with open arms, not feeling afraid, instead I feel alive.

I feel alive, as I keep taking steps towards dressing with long purple skirts, as I keep running inside my golden jungle towards deep blue waves, my pink heart keeps beating faster as the deep shooting sharp red pain fades away.

Step right in towards dressing with a long skirt on, long sleeves as I keep running inside deep blue waves, my heart keeps fighting comments from my parents as I keep trying to find my way inside brown winding trails inside green jungles hearing my gold lion roar.

Hearing my gold lion roar, as I keep singing Hebrew songs, seeing pink smiles all around me as the conservations goes on grasping the moment when the sun starts to set, as golden flame dwindles letting us know that Shabbos is still upon us, cherishing every moment, as I am no longer checking my phone every twenty seconds, I feel alive, I feel as if there is a good light shining right inside of me towards people smiling at me.

I feel alive, as I keep touching gold stones, believing this is where I am meant to be, believing I have found my gold light, I have found a place where I am free to be myself, no longer suffocated inside judging looking faces instead I am welcomed with open arms as I spend Shabbos wishing gold light will stay deep inside my pink heart.