Every step I take I follow my neshama (soul), to infinite space to free flowing pink butterfly escaping out of their cocoon.

My mom carried me for nine holy months as she watched Madeleine Albright, first women secretary of state, speak to nation while my dad held her hand against her stomach feeling the first kick, feeling the first kick in my heart, feeling my soul speaking out don’t ever lose sight of who you are.

Find out your pink spirit never let anyone tear you into pieces our humble colorful spirit will help us push through the darkness, will help us see the first light second light the flames that turns bright red as Hashem watches over us.

He watches hoping someday that I will turn to my mom hoping someday she will stop measuring each pound and see her inner soul, start loving herself, she will start thinking she has beautiful brown red hair with legs that can run through a finish line and a mouth that speaks blue words to her white friend with pink smile loving each part of her pink neshama (soul).

He watching me as I take each step hoping someday I will keep loving my pink neshama (soul), my pink neshama will spread its wings like a free flowing butterfly never being afraid to fly to show itself flying from branch to branch loving myself believing in my soul loving this bright lighting hoping someday I can learn and teach my little boy with brown hair and little girl to love their little stomach as their hair grows in strand in strand as they begin to take each step to take each step into this life that Hashem has made for them.

All I need is to believe to find that yellow spark inside of me in the mist of the darkness this light will ignite my pinker smile.

All I need is blue courage inside my pink neshama falling in pink love to find blue heart beating so fast swimming across blue oceans believing that each step I take I love myself.