Blue ice rain coming down while I take a step trying not to drown inside red sharp pain escalating in my head, while I try to stay a gold lion speak loud and proud of roaring life I have.

I try to keep walking inside the blue ice rain but it keeps coming down, it keeps coming and I can’t stop this red sharp shooting pain in my head.

I find myself begin to smile as I laugh wondering how I can walk inside black storms while still staying a courageous lion, how I can keep my pink heart beating faster, how I keep crippling on each hour as my pink smile keeps showing even as red sharp pain escalates in my neck.

Running inside white cherry blossom blooming inside green trees, seeing a gold light inside the black storms, seeing a bluebird chirping along enjoying the gold notes whistling by my black spirit.

Capturing the rain that keeps coming down, the blue rain starts to stop as an orange red rainbow hoping someday I can see colorful lines inside my head and no longer have sharp shooting pain.