Red sharp shooting pain stretches across my white forehead as my whole white body begins to shake when I get out of a bus in Tzfat. Along the golden steps of this mystical city, I was freaking out because I was in Israel and this has never happened to me before. I was told by my madarachi to go sit and try to calm down while my stuff was taken of the bus.

While I was sitting Alyssa asked me, “If I was ok?” I said, “No, I am having a horrible migraine.”

She than asked, “What can I do to help?”

I said, “Can you fill up my water bottle?”

 She said, “Sure.”

When she came back, She said, “I put an electrolyte pill in there too because it helps with migraines.”

I said, “Thank you!”

I sat there with red sharp shooting pain drinking my water bottle with a million black thoughts going through my mind. What if this never ends? What medicines should I take? What should I do to make myself feel better?” Shabbat was coming in and at that time golden tears were coming down my face because Tzfat was one of my favorite cities and I would be missing it because of this red sharp shooting pain. I began to say a prayer to G-d, “Please make me feel better.”

            As I began to stand, Jess took hold of my hand and led me to my room. She told me to rest and that Shabbos dinner would be at 7:00. I began to lie down in my bed and I felt so horrible. Every blue cell and red vein in my body was aching. I had to take a medicine that would shut down my white body completely. I was beyond terrified, so I took the medicine and began listening to blue binaural beats to help calm down my black mind. It calmed me down for an hour or so while I started to get dressed for Shabbat dinner. Now, you are probably thinking how can a girl with red sharp shooting pain in her head and every part of her body aching go to a Shabbat dinner? I was filled with a strong purple heart and a pink smile that looked like I was not in this red sharp shooting pain. I didn’t want to be alone with these black troubling thoughts, so I came down. I had sunglasses on, and I stayed through the making of Kiddush and left back to my room. A nurse followed me back and asked if there is anything, she can do for me? I said, “I really don’t know. I took my medicine and I think I just need some electrolytes. Sam came into my pitch-dark black room and started pouring water with blue electrolytes to give me.

I started to drink them and the next thing I knew the head of the program, Rabbi Klatzko, came into the room and told me, “That everyone in the group is trying to help me in any sort of fashion and that we are all praying for you to feel better.” I was astonished and surprised by how this Rabbi cared so much about me and how he did everything in his power to make me feel better. I feel asleep that night.

            I woke up the next morning with the same red sharp shooting pain. I was so disappointed and Tzipora told me to stay in bed. I began to fall back to sleep while the nurse came back to talk to me. She asked, “Would a massage help?” I said, “Maybe.” She began to rub her white hands all over the red sharp shooting pain escalating to my white neck and shoulders and pain calmed down a little bit. After she left, the pain began to increase so I took the elevator down with an injection. I asked the old man with gray hair who was a doctor, “What should I do?” He said, “You should go to the hospital to get the care you need.” I said, “Okay.”

            I started to freak out again because the last time I was in the hospital at Israel it did nothing for my migraine. I started to locate my things to bring with me while an Israeli soldier took me and another girl to the hospital. He told me as we were checking in that everything would be okay. I got in right away and the doctor had no clue what I was saying. He spoke Arabic and knew very little English. He started to give me medicine, but he told me he had to run some tests. I said, “What tests do you need to run?” “I have a migraine and that is it.” He led me to a sinus doctor to check out my ears and my nose and I became frustrated because they weren’t treating the main problem. He then sent me to get a CT scan of my brain when in reality I didn’t need one. The Israeli soldier tried to translate what I was saying to the doctor while she puts eye drops in my eyes and gave me another medicine that made me fall asleep. After this, they wanted to do a spinal tap and I said, “No.” Next they wanted to keep me overnight to give me steroids, but I knew that wouldn’t work so I told them I wanted to leave. They let me go and I was still in the same red sharp shooting pain that I was in before I went to the hospital.

 I came back and immediately injected myself with some medicine to help with this pain. It helped a little bit but I was beyond frustrated and I needed to calm down. Even though my parents were million miles away and couldn’t do anything. I decided to give them a call and tell them what happened. My mom was very calm and asked me, “What can you do to lessen the pain?” I told her an injection. She told me to do that and to switch rooms where a girl was not smoking. I did that and Shabbat had ended.

I was led out of the hotel of Tzfat to a courtyard for Havdalah while girls and boys started singing. I began to look at twinkling red and blue lights coming from building thinking how beautiful it was. Thinking how lucky I am to be in Israel. How lucky I am to be surrounded by people who care for me. The next thing I knew the rabbi called me up to honor me for staying strong throughout this Shabbat. I started to hold the candle for Havdalah and began to sing the beautiful purple healing words as my soul began to feel the gold mystical spirit from this golden city and a voice from a golden G-d. My smile came back upon my face and I started to believe again that someday this red sharp shooting pain will be gone but till that day I use purple prayers to G-d to keep me strong through times of immense challenges I have everyday dealing with headaches.