Blue words echoing in my white ear, I keep walking along a black street, walking inside a golden temple, my pink smile is still upon my face, my red sharp shooting pain is trying to tear every vessels and pink part of my soul into pieces.

Red sharp shooting pain escalates inside every blue inch of my pink soul, trying to tear me a part I keep listening to blue words echoing inside of me, echoing telling me I am still a pink butterfly flying from branch to branch, not letting this black ghost haunt me, not letting red sharp pain define who I am.

Not letting the person I am being described as someone with red sharp shooting pain, letting it be described as someone who has a pink heart keeps beating showing her pink love to a girl kicking a soccer ball, to her friend standing right next to her, showing her ability to be a brave golden lion knocking down walls, making strives, climbing over black mountains while living with red sharp shooting pain.

Not letting anyone define me as weak or faking it, instead I am defining I am a strong ray of sunshine fights with her purple heart knowing I am the one who defines who I am.

I am letting me define that I am someone who wrote page after page, with red sharp shooting pain, someone who went to walk along golden stones finding my love deep inside my heart still exists, my strong red burning flame is still fighting still holding on to gold flame keeps me smiling keeps me fighting keeps me to wake up each morning knowing that I define who I am.

I define what I do each day, how I make green trees grow, how I make my pink butterfly wings touch each soul of my black heart, how I let my pink smile make my friend with black hair smile at me, while I keep fighting for the change happening inside of me, opening my gold soul up to new golden dreams showing the world I am stronger than what I look like.