Inside my black brain, millions of pins and needles bunce on my white forehead, I keep driving along a black road hoping to free from these red sharp pains that keeps me in a black storm for days, weeks, and months.

Inside the green trees that keep growing, inside my pink heart that keep blossoming, I still see black bears trying to eat me up, trying to take away my pink smile, trying to tear apart my heart in millions of little pieces, trying to not let me have the moments where I make a kid laugh.

Inside the red orange yellow sunshine rising, I keep driving waiting to get home, to pull myself inside the black storm, I keep wanting to drive away my pages filled with black words to just ignore them and live on.

I can’t live on like this, with red sharp shooting pain reaching across every vein in my body, I can’t live on like this not seeing the light in the midst of darkness.

I get out my bed everyday to face the black mountains, to face the red sharp shooting pain, to allow myself to laugh, smile, and to enjoy my life.

I keep fighting inside my chronic pain not letting it tear me apart, not letting it break apart my hope, only letting it make me stronger, only letting it make me believe that there is possibility that this pain will go away.