My white body stretches out in front of my blue eyes, as I sit in my white apartment trying to find a new circle inside my pink heart.

My white hands began to shake as my black mind begins to circle, not knowing how to let my mind penetrate from these thoughts swirling inside of my blue mind.

I sit inside trying to find a way to let go of this black ice creeping inside of my blue skin, I try to speak to my blue soul rushing inside a blue wave flowing inside of my blue ghost of these past memories swirling inside of my mind.

Trying to find a way out of this black storm coming before my eyes, as my pink heart begins to beat faster, I begin to write black words to find a way to make sense of this swirl inside of my pink heart, of these rollercoaster with nowhere to end.

I keep using my blue soul with every inch of my red vibrating hands, I find a way to keep loving my pink heart, as my white hands tell my black mind to move on past these black swirling thoughts to start trusting my blue mind, to start trusting my white hands, my white mind making the decision to find a new beginning, to find a point where I can let go of this black storm.