Just as easy the glass was shattered in my cracked red heart, I found a new way to repair it, I found a new way to make me smile again, to make me laugh and to be who I am again.

Just as easy as my red head was pounding with black pain stretching from side to side of my white forehead, I began to fight through the pain with a fierce lion heart believing that someday this pain will go away.

But it was years, days waking up with this pain and just taking each day step by step while I tried to find a way to live with this red sharp shooting pain, while I found a way to still be myself even though the pain was controlled my life.

The pain may have controlled how I looked on my white pale face, but I began to put on this fake act of there really was no red sharp shooting pain, there was no red sharp pain that made me fatigue or made me go to sleep early instead I began to hide with a smile.

When I tried medicine after medication, I gave up hope, that this would never end but then there was an option for to have blue red sparling nerves cut out of my head to make the pain go away completely.

I knew that this step was taking a jump into a rabbit hole that I didn’t know how to turn but glass was shattered, and my life was not worth living with this red sharp shooting pain anymore.

I decided to go to Ohio, and while I was on the plane my hands started to shake and I could really feel the pounding type of pain, I could really feel that this could be it.

The night before the surgery, I was tossing and turning but I kept praying and kept believing that this could be end.

I kept believing to find a way to make this glass repaired, to make this glass no longer pinch in my skin, I wanted to fight this to know I can survive.

I did, I made it through a five hour surgery with stitches and bruises that were red and i was still in pain but it was different I felt a jolt of blue waves stretching inside of pink heart, I felt a new beginning stretch over my face, knowing I could start living, start repairing the glass and start being me.

Now as the glass was shattered inside of my broken heart, it was easily repaired through believing in the gold stones along a broken wall, believing in my pink smile still shining today believing I can make it through this dark time.