As the days turned into months, I began to realize this new reality of not having migraines is something I have to get used to. This new reality of not feeling pain 24/7 to not taking medicine every second is something new that I am not sure I have enjoyed yet.

The truth is I am scared to turn the page because migraines defined how strong I was, how I was able to turn the page beneath the red sharp shooting pain and I knew that someday I would not be there.

I still haven’t seen a big change in my attitude in my migraines but I know that being strong through attacks is what makes me who I am. It what made me who I am today and what made me realize that I can get through anything.

So now as I sit jobless and unable to decide what to do next, I find myself doubting myself when I should really be turning the page and keep creating something new, delicate, and strong; and to always determine that no matter what I will always believe in me.:)