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I See Light

As I light the white shabbat candles, saying prayers to hashem, I begin to pray golden Hebrew words as my pink nefesh begins to rise, as my blue red sharp pain begins to fade away. I hear blue voices singing... Continue Reading →

I Am Becoming Me

Slowly but surely my hair color begins to change, my hands become more white no longer do I feel as a ghost, no longer I am hiding who I am, I am showing my red pink sunshine rising above blue... Continue Reading →

I am Listening To Me

  I am listening to gold beats dancing inside of my pink heart, dancing inside my gold light, believing that each step I take, each branch I jump through lush green forest as a pink butterfly flies by, as a... Continue Reading →

I Was Falling For You

I was falling for the way that you touched my hands, the way we stayed up late talking together feeling pink butterflies beating faster inside of my heart. I was falling for the way you talked to me, the way... Continue Reading →

Someone Help Me Get To Israel

Why do I want to make aliyah is the question I get asked by my parents, by my siblings, why would I want to live any other place than america? Its a great question. Israel is a unique place where... Continue Reading →

I Never Stop Fighting for Myself

Fighting red blazing fires rushing as I reach for blue lushing water, as I reach fo stop the shooting sharp pain go through my blood veins, I keep fighting. I keep fighting, racing to find the gold light rushing inside... Continue Reading →

Why I Went on Akiva?

Akiva is a two-week Jewish learning program for 18-30 years old young adults. It is a trip filled with tons of fun, laughter, life-long friendships, and Jewish learning. About two months ago, I went on an Akiva trip in Israel.... Continue Reading →

I Woke Up

I Woke Up While I am mouthing golden words to Taylor Swift’s song, golden tears came down my face, while my pink smile keeps flashing, while my purple wings keep spreading, I came alive. I am no longer feeling hidden... Continue Reading →

Face the Light

Walking inside black streets, I find myself questioning which direction to take, blue lights stream inside my chests as I try to escape, as I try to run away from the monsters screaming inside of me. I try to run... Continue Reading →

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