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The Truth About Finding Love

Finding love can be messy, exciting, but knowing what I want out of my kind of love is the first step towards building a relationship with yourself and eventually the person I marry. It may start with fallen dates. It... Continue Reading →

I See Light

As I light the white shabbat candles, saying prayers to hashem, I begin to pray golden Hebrew words as my pink nefesh begins to rise, as my blue red sharp pain begins to fade away. I hear blue voices singing... Continue Reading →

Wearing all white

One after another, hand holding hand as the tip of a green trees cover my blue wires, covers the red pins and needles that fog up my black brain. One after another I find myself constantly hoping gold moments will... Continue Reading →

I Am Letting Me Define Who I Am

Blue words echoing in my white ear, I keep walking along a black street, walking inside a golden temple, my pink smile is still upon my face, my red sharp shooting pain is trying to tear every vessels and pink... Continue Reading →

The Magic Touch

His hands touch mine while my pink smile begins to come on, taking tons of time knowing this is the first time he has touched my hand after we already been married, no one knows the magic gold feeling of... Continue Reading →

I Have to Believe In My Gold Light

My green cells slowly dissipate my black cloudy mind tells me to step back while my pink beating heart tells me to keep going to keep believing in my ray of pink sun shining before my eyes knowing that each... Continue Reading →

I Never Stop Smiling

As life twists and turns into black storms, into blue lushing waves coming at me, I never stop smiling. I never stop smiling even as my first love butterfly comes past me, even as my first trembling blood vessels attack... Continue Reading →

Why I Went on Akiva?

Akiva is a two-week Jewish learning program for 18-30 years old young adults. It is a trip filled with tons of fun, laughter, life-long friendships, and Jewish learning. About two months ago, I went on an Akiva trip in Israel.... Continue Reading →

“I Want Someone Who Can Catch Me When I Fall”- Sarah Jessica Parker

His dark hair laying besides his ears, While those dark eyes looked into mine, Knowing that this look magic. He stared at me, While I smiled at something he said, Creating a beat in my heart that skipped once or... Continue Reading →

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