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I Never Stop Smiling

As life twists and turns into black storms, into blue lushing waves coming at me, I never stop smiling. I never stop smiling even as my first love butterfly comes past me, even as my first trembling blood vessels attack... Continue Reading →

I Woke Up

I Woke Up While I am mouthing golden words to Taylor Swift’s song, golden tears came down my face, while my pink smile keeps flashing, while my purple wings keep spreading, I came alive. I am no longer feeling hidden... Continue Reading →

“I Want Someone Who Can Catch Me When I Fall”- Sarah Jessica Parker

His dark hair laying besides his ears, While those dark eyes looked into mine, Knowing that this look magic. He stared at me, While I smiled at something he said, Creating a beat in my heart that skipped once or... Continue Reading →

Dear Elly and Mike,

As I sit here trying to put your love into words, there are so many ways to describe you guys! You guys are amazing together through ups and downs you were always there for me, friends, family, and most importantly... Continue Reading →

Child’s Well Being

Every child receiving a chance to receives a better education, Not being at a disadvantage because they do not have enough money, Their voices should not be silenced, Every child should receive a good home, a family that loves them,... Continue Reading →

Face the Light

Walking inside black streets, I find myself questioning which direction to take, blue lights stream inside my chests as I try to escape, as I try to run away from the monsters screaming inside of me. I try to run... Continue Reading →

There Is Nothing Stopping Me From Finding this Flame

Headlights stream past us while we walk hand in hand, contemplating our next move, contemplating whether or not to kiss this guy, contemplating how his blue eyes makes my heart jump, finding blue light inside his fire, finding stream of... Continue Reading →

Burning Flame

  Burning flame seeps inside my pink heart while black light invigorates my spine showing darkness onto the red beating bump telling me to keep walking while I keep lying searching for this burning flame. Believing this burning flame will... Continue Reading →

Be Vulnerable

  I walk around in this perfect envision of myself, Always getting things right, Perfecting things step by step till its completely finished.   Analyzing every word I say, Think before I speak, Is something I do.   I sit... Continue Reading →

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