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Watching Sun Shine

Yellow, pink shadows shined through the glass windows, while I walk across the beach, waiting for the bright circle to come up. I walk along the blue waves looking at sun, enjoying every moment till second I feel red sharp... Continue Reading →

Step Right In

Step right in towards Shabbos, meals filled with yellow red sun rising, warm smiles all around me, warm hugs, new friends everywhere I turn, I turn toward a Jewish Rabbi welcoming me into their home, welcoming me with open arms,... Continue Reading →

Trip to Connecticut

One week I took a trip to New Haven, CT. It was a long and windy train ride through the skyscrapers of New York to the liberty bell of Philadelphia finally getting to New Haven, CT. My hands were shaking,... Continue Reading →

Living with Migraines

For the past year, I have been living with migraines. This dark stabbing shooting pain on top of my head is my everyday life. I know I am not alone in this world because migraines is something that people cannot... Continue Reading →

Dear Elly and Mike,

As I sit here trying to put your love into words, there are so many ways to describe you guys! You guys are amazing together through ups and downs you were always there for me, friends, family, and most importantly... Continue Reading →

Child’s Well Being

Every child receiving a chance to receives a better education, Not being at a disadvantage because they do not have enough money, Their voices should not be silenced, Every child should receive a good home, a family that loves them,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget to Live My Life

I walk through motions of putting clothes on, of washing my face going to work living in the state of a blank page, a state of same lines being written over time where time stands still where lighting streaks stream... Continue Reading →

Through the Lens of An Intern

           For the past five months, I have been working as an intern for Nonprofits First. Nonprofits First’s mission to “strengthen the nonprofit sector by maximizing their capacity to deliver services through accreditation, leadership development, education,... Continue Reading →

Jerusalem, the Night Before Yom Kippur

While standing in front of the Western Wall, I hear people singing from miles and miles away. There are thousands of people standing in lines singing at the top of their lungs. They are singing out of pride for their... Continue Reading →

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