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Open That Door

"Open that door, you may never know what you will find." I keep standing tip toeing around the fact that someday this perfect little world, that this world where I received a masters, where I bounced from job to job,... Continue Reading →

The glass can be repaired

Just as easy the glass was shattered in my cracked red heart, I found a new way to repair it, I found a new way to make me smile again, to make me laugh and to be who I am... Continue Reading →

I Am Holding On By A little strand

  I keep walking along black stones as white snowflakes keep coming down, as blue rain falls from the sky, I keep feeling this red sharp shooting pain agitating every cell of my body. I keep facing red sharp shooting... Continue Reading →

I Want To See Rainbows

  Blue ice rain coming down while I take a step trying not to drown inside red sharp pain escalating in my head, while I try to stay a gold lion speak loud and proud of roaring life I have.... Continue Reading →

Can I handle Change?

Running through lush green spots of branches, finding myself on the level of high pitches knives stabbing in my head, can i handle the change? Can i handle my sparkles shining as i kiss this guy, as my head is... Continue Reading →

Trip to Connecticut

One week I took a trip to New Haven, CT. It was a long and windy train ride through the skyscrapers of New York to the liberty bell of Philadelphia finally getting to New Haven, CT. My hands were shaking,... Continue Reading →

I Never Stop Fighting for Myself

Fighting red blazing fires rushing as I reach for blue lushing water, as I reach fo stop the shooting sharp pain go through my blood veins, I keep fighting. I keep fighting, racing to find the gold light rushing inside... Continue Reading →

I Am Being Brave

I am being brave walking through black storms, standing up telling my own story of how he yelled at me, hit me, pushed me on the bed. I am being brave by no longer letting him have power over me,... Continue Reading →

“It’s Not in My Blood, to give up”

Red gushing blood taken from my arm, as pins and needles surge through the blood vessels inside my brain, as shooting sharp pain comes inside of me, as shooting sharp pain gives me black storms inside of my heart, believing... Continue Reading →

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