Who Am I?

Hi, it’s Maddy speaking. I am a girl who loves to hear people sing, seeing people dance in the middle of the streets, who loves hearing Hebrew drum in her ears, who walks towards black streets to find her own gold keys, and who loves traveling.

Currently, I am living in DC going to graduate school at American University for a Master’s in Public Administration. I started a new volunteer position that will hopefully led to a national leadership fellowship at respectability. Respectability is an organization that fights and advocates for people with special disabilities. The fellowship would start in the spring.

I have a book published which you can buy on amazon called Colors of the World. Click on this link to buy my book. https://www.amazon.com/Colors-World-Madeleine-Hannah-Tasini/dp/1452831890, Follow my instagram at racinghearts_123 to follow my pictures that go along with my poetry blog.

Contact Me by email: mtasini24@gmail.com.

Instagram: Racinghearts_123