Who Am I?

Hi, it’s Maddy speaking. I am a girl who loves to hear people sing, seeing people dance in the middle of the streets, who loves hearing Hebrew drum in her ears, who walks towards black streets to find her own gold keys, and who loves traveling.

Recently, I just finished my Master’s in Public Administration at American University. I just started into looking into a new writing career and develop my new passion as a writer. I developed this blog while I was teaching English in Israel but now this blog has become about my life, what inspires me to keep living, my challenges, and how I keep living my life despite my challenges.

I have a book published called Colors of the World. It is a book I wrote when I was in seventh grade and finished it when I was sixteen. It is combination of different kinds of poems on a lot of live’s themes.

Follow my instagram at to follow my pictures that go along with my poetry blog, https://www.instagram.com/racinghearts_123/

Contact Me by email: mtasini24@gmail.com.