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Step Right In

Step right in towards Shabbos, meals filled with yellow red sun rising, warm smiles all around me, warm hugs, new friends everywhere I turn, I turn toward a Jewish Rabbi welcoming me into their home, welcoming me with open arms,... Continue Reading →

Let the Light Shine

As my brown hair keeps changing, I keep gliding inside my blue waves running past black storms towards gold stones, listening to new Hebrew songs pinpointing in my ears. Gold Hannukkah menorahs dwindle along the windows, as I keep walking... Continue Reading →

The Magic Touch

His hands touch mine while my pink smile begins to come on, taking tons of time knowing this is the first time he has touched my hand after we already been married, no one knows the magic gold feeling of... Continue Reading →

I Am Becoming Me

Slowly but surely my hair color begins to change, my hands become more white no longer do I feel as a ghost, no longer I am hiding who I am, I am showing my red pink sunshine rising above blue... Continue Reading →

I Have to Believe In My Gold Light

My green cells slowly dissipate my black cloudy mind tells me to step back while my pink beating heart tells me to keep going to keep believing in my ray of pink sun shining before my eyes knowing that each... Continue Reading →

I am Listening To Me

  I am listening to gold beats dancing inside of my pink heart, dancing inside my gold light, believing that each step I take, each branch I jump through lush green forest as a pink butterfly flies by, as a... Continue Reading →

I Was Falling For You

I was falling for the way that you touched my hands, the way we stayed up late talking together feeling pink butterflies beating faster inside of my heart. I was falling for the way you talked to me, the way... Continue Reading →

I Have To Be Brave

Stop running away from black storms, stop hiding inside black holes, stop hiding behind black thunderstorms, instead run through black thunderstorms towards gold light, towards green jungles filled with loud lions roaring echoing through gold tunnels, echoing through green mountains.... Continue Reading →

Someone Help Me Get To Israel

Why do I want to make aliyah is the question I get asked by my parents, by my siblings, why would I want to live any other place than america? Its a great question. Israel is a unique place where... Continue Reading →

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