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I Have to Believe In My Gold Light

My green cells slowly dissipate my black cloudy mind tells me to step back while my pink beating heart tells me to keep going to keep believing in my ray of pink sun shining before my eyes knowing that each... Continue Reading →

I am Listening To Me

  I am listening to gold beats dancing inside of my pink heart, dancing inside my gold light, believing that each step I take, each branch I jump through lush green forest as a pink butterfly flies by, as a... Continue Reading →

I Was Falling For You

I was falling for the way that you touched my hands, the way we stayed up late talking together feeling pink butterflies beating faster inside of my heart. I was falling for the way you talked to me, the way... Continue Reading →

I Have To Be Brave

Stop running away from black storms, stop hiding inside black holes, stop hiding behind black thunderstorms, instead run through black thunderstorms towards gold light, towards green jungles filled with loud lions roaring echoing through gold tunnels, echoing through green mountains.... Continue Reading →

Someone Help Me Get To Israel

Why do I want to make aliyah is the question I get asked by my parents, by my siblings, why would I want to live any other place than america? Its a great question. Israel is a unique place where... Continue Reading →

Can I handle Change?

Running through lush green spots of branches, finding myself on the level of high pitches knives stabbing in my head, can i handle the change? Can i handle my sparkles shining as i kiss this guy, as my head is... Continue Reading →

I Never Stop Smiling

As life twists and turns into black storms, into blue lushing waves coming at me, I never stop smiling. I never stop smiling even as my first love butterfly comes past me, even as my first trembling blood vessels attack... Continue Reading →

Trip to Connecticut

One week I took a trip to New Haven, CT. It was a long and windy train ride through the skyscrapers of New York to the liberty bell of Philadelphia finally getting to New Haven, CT. My hands were shaking,... Continue Reading →

I Never Stop Fighting for Myself

Fighting red blazing fires rushing as I reach for blue lushing water, as I reach fo stop the shooting sharp pain go through my blood veins, I keep fighting. I keep fighting, racing to find the gold light rushing inside... Continue Reading →

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